Tervuren & Groenendael
This site is dedicated to the memory of UAGII Ch. Gallery's Bellamy Tayma's Majic, CD, Asca
CD, Can Cd ,OA, OAJ, NAP, NJP, CGC, CLR-2, NAJ, TDI, HIC. "Tayma". The first Belgian
Tervuren that we owned and loved.  She was our start of it all.  She loved to do it all.  

Also dedicated to  the memory of Ch. Majic's Gallery Zivon, HIC, TDI  "Zivon" the first home
bred champion and the dog that made me fall in love with Conformation.  He just loved to show.
We hope that you will come on in and  take a look at our site
and have a great time and meet our beautiful dogs.
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